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2nd Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum

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Islands and island regions face a particular set of energy challenges due to their specific geographic and climatic conditions. At the same time, these challenges are an opportunity to make islands innovation leaders in the clean energy transition. The European Commission explicitly recognised in its Communication on "Clean Energy for All Europeans", Europe's islands have the potential to become showcases of the clean energy transition at an international stage. Therefore the Commission is committed to ensuring that the energy concerns of island inhabitants are at the forefront of the energy transition and are key to policy developments.

For this purpose, the Commission's Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat and the Government of the Canary Islands are co-hosting the 2nd Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum in Lanzarote on 5 November 2018.

The objective of the Forum is to bring together citizen organisations, local governments, businesses and researchers to share best practices and enhance collaboration to advance the clean energy transition on EU islands. It will feature high level speakers from the EU institutions, practitioners and local champions involved in the clean energy transition.

A detailed agenda will follow soon, in the meantime to join us, you can


Kythnos Island (Greece) - (c)

Following the "Political Declaration on Clean Energy For EU Islands" signed by 14 Member States and the European Commission in May 2017, the Commission launched the Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative at the 1st Clean Islands forum in Chania, Crete. The Initiative promotes the energy self-reliance of islands, encourages the reduction of the dependency on costly imported fossil fuels, and aims to facilitate the delivery of the best available clean technologies to islands.

In cooperation with the European Parliament, the Commission subsequently set up a Secretariat to deliver the objectives of the Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative. The Secretariat has been operational since June 2018. It acts as a platform of exchange of best practices for islands' stakeholders and provides dedicated capacity building and advisory services.

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