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Citizens' Energy Forum

#En4Cit - Conclusions

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On September 20th and 21st took part in the Citizen's Energy Forum, organised by the European Commission in collaboration with the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), Ireland’s independent energy and water regulator.

The European Commission launched the Citizens' Energy Forum in 2008 as a dedicated platform to implement and enforce consumer rights in the energy market across the European Union.

This year's edition, organised in Dublin, marked the Forum's 10th anniversary. It focused on the role of consumers on the energy market. Several topics were discussed such as:

  • the Clean Energy for all Europeans package 
  • the recently adopted New Deal for Consumers package
  • innovative solutions in the retail energy market in terms of consumer engagement and business models

As these topics are of highly interest for and its network, we joined the participatory processes of the Forum.

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