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ECCO Political Engagement Event

Community Energy - Its Growth and Importance in Europe

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Following the EU’s adoption of the Clean Energy for all Europeans Package and current discussions surrounding the European Green Deal, it is becoming clear that the conversation surrounding citizens’ involvement in the energy transition is growing, but is this translating down to the lower levels of government?

The INTERREG ECCO Project is hosting two events on June 24th to tackle this question with the aim of encouraging local and regional politicians to support community energy initiatives by showcasing the strength, growth, and benefits in North-West Europe.

The event will feature presentations from INTERREG Projects, the Joint Secretariat, and REScoop.EU.

This gathering is organised with the support of the INTERREG ECCO project. The positive effects of the project’s activities are possible thanks to financial support from the European Regional Development Fund provided by the Interreg North-West Europe programme.


Morning: European Committee of the Regions
Afternoon: EU MEPs session


Date: 24/06/2020

Location (morning):
Committee of the Regions
Batiment Jacques Delors
Rue Belliard 99/101
1040 Bruxelles


ECCO project manager: Peter van Oers


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