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European Utility Week

Join us in Paris

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12-14 November, Paris

The European Utility Week is a platform for achieving a fully integrated and interconnected electricity system and market in Europe. It hosts the environment for all key players in the smart energy ecosystem to come together and discuss European strategy to achieve a smooth transition towards a low carbon energy supply.

The 3-day programme will see an energy trilemma of security, equity and sustainability across an end-to-end European energy experience.

As we’re facing climate change, we must
understand that the energy transition is crucial to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In Paris, we set a carbon neutrality goal by 2050, reducing our energy consumption by half and converting to renewable energies. To
do so, we are collaborating closely with energy stakeholders."

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

For the 3rd year, the European Commission has endorsed the event and the EU Project Zone. This Zone has its very own free-to-attend programme and hosts a record 33 EU funded projects of which's projects WiseGRID, FLEXCoop and COMPILE. Our stands can be visited on 12,13 and 14th of November.
Check out the EU Project Zone here.

Moreover, also for this year's edition, is contributing to the program:

13 November

ǀ FLEXCoop ǀ Hub Sessions ǀ EU Projects Zone Theatre

by Roland Tual,

SESSION: Digitalising the energy sector 'the greening by design paradigm'

11:15 - 12:15 ǀ Panel discussion: How will you contribute and work together towards the European Green Deal? ǀ Hub Sessions ǀEU Projects Zone Theatre

Moderated by Patricia Arsene, Programme Officer – EU Policies - European Commission, DG CONNECT and Olivier Genest, Chair - BRIDGE Data Management WG

  • Roland Tual, Project Manager -
  • Stefan Plesser, Founder and CEO - synavision GmbH
  • Antonello Monti, Director of the Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems - RWTH Aachen University
  • Sandrine Charousset, Project Manager - EDF
  • Jan Segerstam, Development Director - Empower IM Oy
  • Silke Cuno, Project Manager - Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

15:10 - 15:30 ǀ Presentations of Projects WiseGRID, Electrific, COMPILE, GOFLEX, NOVICE ǀ Hub Sessions ǀ EU Projects Zone Theatre

SESSION: Integrating the energy sector with the buildings, transport and industry sectors

  • WiseGRID by Álvaro Nofuentes Prieto, ETRA I+D
  • COMPILE by Andrej Gubina, Associate Professor - University of Ljubljana

16:20 - 16:50 ǀ Panel Discussion ǀ Hub Sessions ǀ EU Projects Zone Theatre
SESSION: Integrating the energy sector with the buildings, transport and industry sectors

  • Alvaro Nofuentes, Project Manager - ETRA I+D
  • Maria Perez Ortega, Programme Manager - Realdolmen Gfi
  • Andrej Gubina, Associate Professor - University of Ljubljana
  • Ludwig Karg, Managing Director, Project Responsible - B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH

14:30 - 14:50 ǀ Towards a decentralized energy system ǀ Initiate ǀ Theatre 1

by Roland Tual,

SESSION: The New Energy System

16:00 - 17:00 ǀ Panel: democratizing energy and leaving no one behind ǀ Initiate ǀ Theatre 1

Moderated by Dr Thorsten Volz, Partner - Pinsent Masons Germany LLP

  • Klaas Hommes, Project Manager - TenneT
  • Roland Tual, Project Manager -
  • Giel Van den Broeck, PhD researcher - EnergyVille
  • Tobias Blank, Product Manager BatteryPV & Battery - E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH

14 November

10:20 - 10:40 ǀ Data and Cooperatives ǀ Summit ǀ Room 2

By Stanislas d'Herbemont,

SESSION: Democratising Energy

12:10 - 13:00 ǀ Panel discussion: Democratising Energy ǀ Summit ǀ Room 2

Moderated by Areti Ntaradimou, Content Director - Clarion Energy and Arjan Haring, Scientific Advisor - JADS

  • Stanislas d’Herbemont, Project Manager -
  • Nikolaos Chatziargyriou, Chairman BoD - HEDNO S.A. (Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Department S.A.)
  • Lorena Skiljan, CEO - Hackabu
  • Roberto Zangrandi, Secretary General - EDSO
  • Simon de Clercq, Technical Task Force, Clean Energy - EU Islands Secretariat
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