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Implementing Energy Efficiency in REScoops around Europe

Policy breakfast debate

· Past event

On the 26th of February 2019, the team of REScoop PLUS organises a policy breakfast on the role of the community energy movement in the European policy landscape, and how it supports energy efficiency in Europe.

The REScoop PLUS policy breakfast, hosted by Ms. Theresa Griffin (MEP – S&D), will give us the chance to discuss the future role of energy communities in reaching national and European energy efficiency targets. The breakfast will start with presentations from our host and experts around the experience of community initiatives to tackle energy efficiency and energy poverty at the local level. We will then go into a debate facilitated by the team of the Coalition of Energy Savings, focusing on the next policy question regarding the implementation of the Clean Energy Package.

Event registration is by invitation only. The registrations will close on the 21st of February 2019, in order to allow for the accreditation to be processed.


European Parliament
Wiertzstraat 60,
1047 Brussel
Room ASP 5G305

Agenda of the Breakfast – 26/02/2019

  • 8h00 - 8h30 ǀ Registration 
  • 8h30 - 8h40 ǀ Opening remarks and introduction - The role of Community Energy in the European transition to tackle efficiency and solidarity challenges. 
    Therese Griffin - MEP (S&D)
  • 8h40 - 8h55 ǀ The development of the Community Energy movement in the Netherlands. 
    Siward Zomer – ODE Decentraal
  • 8h55 - 9h15 ǀ Impacts and opportunities of the Clean Energy Package on the European Community Energy Movement

    Josh Roberts –

  • 9h15 - 9h45 ǀ Debate

    Marion Santini – Coalition of Energy Savings

    • The role of community energy in reaching the EE targets.

    • The NECPs and the implementation of Community Energy at national level.

    • Community strategies to tackle energy poverty.

  • 9h45 - 10h00 ǀ Closing remarks – The role of European funding and opportunities to come for the Community Energy movement.

    Vincent Berrutto - EASME

About REScoop PLUS

REScoop PLUS is looking to make REScoops in Europe go beyond their activities of producing and supplying energy and take up energy savings for their members as a new pillar in their organisation. The Energy Efficiency Toolkit brings together selected, tested and graded best practices to support Energy Efficiency in REScoop.


Twitter: @REScoop PLUS

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