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Inclusiveness touches upon the core of cooperatives

A statement on the death of George Floyd

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Just like people all around the world, and its members are devastated about the tragic death of George Floyd, and the reminder this event represents.

The fact that people still suffer violent and unfair treatment by authorities today because of their skin colour, heritage, sexual orientation, financial situation or political opinion is unacceptable - affecting us even more so when this happens within our own communities.

The cooperative movement has always fought for diversity, solidarity and equality inside our communities, and continues to promote inclusiveness and equal opportunities irrespective of people's backgrounds or preferences.

Now more than ever, we must stand together and focus on the things that connect us, and realize that the only way for humanity to continue to exist and thrive is if we respect and support each other, and harness all our diverse knowledge, skills and ideas to build a just and cooperative world together.

Our thoughts are with the family of George Floyd, and all people who have suffered or lost a loved one due to discriminatory behaviour.

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