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New Members welcomes two new members

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We are very delighted to welcome two new members to our European network.

VESE - the Swiss Association of Independent Power Producers

VESE is the association of independent power producers in Switzerland. They have currently 130 members. Most of them are solar cooperatives with solar power plants from 10 – 1000 kWp.

VESE provides their members with:

- Technical, political, legal information

- DIY solar power plants

- Optimisation of proprietary use

- Representation of interests

- Services and products

- Networking and events

More information about VESE can be found here.

Buergerwerke - Germany
Bürgerwerke eG is a rooftop organisation of more than 12.000 citizens and 74 local energy cooperatives in Germany. They supply citizens all over Germany with cooperative renewable energy. Additionally, the Bürgerwerke office supports members to enter new business areas and to collaborate in mutual projects such as PV, wind and e-mobility. The vision of Buergerwerke is to enable" a renewable, regional, decentralized and independent energy future in the hand of citizens."

More information about Buergerwerke can be found here.

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