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New Members welcomes three new members

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Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative - Ireland - Info@Energycommunitiestipp.Ie

Energy Communities Tipperary Co-operative has been in existence since 2014.

  • Focused mainly on home and community building retrofits; 
  • Upgraded over 800 homes and 30 community buildings;
  • Leveraged significant investment for their small region;
  • All run by a voluntary not for profit committee.

EWS Schönau - Germany

When ElektrizitatsWerke Schonau (EWS) decided to buy the grid in 1991, the energy market was not yet liberalised and financial support systems were absent. By buying the grid, EWS aimed to reorganise it in an ecological manner. In order to transform the grid and the energy production, EWS stimulated citizens to install renewable energy production units by facilitating their connection to the grid and by paying special feed-in tariffs. At the moment the produced energy of citizens is exported to the grid and they are compensated through the EEG. EWS proves that by taking the grid and the sale of energy in your own hands you can change the business model to the needs of your members. It is also demonstrates the resilience of REScoops and its strength to make use of social power; the power of volunteers that bring in expertise for free.

Klimaan cvba - Belgium -

With a group of engaged and enthusiastic citizens of the region ‘Rivierenland’ (City of Mechelen, Belgium and its surrounding municipalities), Klimaan cvba is about to launch a new REScoop. This cooperative citizen movement wants to provide the possibility to each and every citizen to participate in sustainable energy and climate projects, which will be locally anchored.

In a first phase, Klimaan cvba will seek the opportunity to invest in renewable energy projects (PV installations, small scale wind and small scale hydro power). With the CO2-reduction as measure to decide upon investment projects, they will investigate as well the possibilities to invest in energy efficiency projects (energy savings as a service, sustainable district renovations), urban farming projects and eco-mobility (electric vehicles, PV charging points,...). The main aim of the cooperative is to reduce the CO2 footprint of the region profoundly by local, collective actions.

This REScoop wants to adhere a broad focus on both climate mitigation, but also climate adaptation projects. On the latter, they want to support the city and municipalities in raising awareness on its importance in realising concrete projects. Their local municipalities did not yet sign the Covenant of Mayors renewed engagement for 2030, including a 40% CO2 reduction and implementing an adaptation strategy. Klimaan cvba wants to support the local authorities in doing so and developing a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP).

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