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· News has a busy year ahead, with new projects starting soon on a range of different activities:

With support from the European Climate Foundation we will develop a working group on collective home renovation, update our toolbox and support EU Member States with the transposition of the Clean Energy Package.

Through REScoop VPP and cVPP, we will try to set-up a community-driven virtual power plant that can actually provide flexibility services to the grid.

The ECCO project has been extended for 1 year and will allow us to further accelerate the start-up of new energy cooperatives in North-West Europe.

COME RES will develop and test new business models for renewable energy cooperatives in nine countries.

ONE NET will enable us to liaise with TSOs and DSOs and discuss how citizens can play a role in tomorrow's energy system.

STEPS will allow us to gather best practices on storage technology and make policy recommendations that enable energy communities to produce, save, share and store energy.


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