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RES-Scoop #21

Newsletter December

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RES-Scoop #22 - December 2017

Energy transition to Energy Democracy

This is a newsletter of the European federation of renewable energy cooperatives ( We are a growing network of 1.500 European energy cooperatives and their 650,000 citizens who are active in the energy transition.

New members

Welcome to our network

We are very delighted to welcome two new members to our European network.

  • VESE - the Swiss Association of Independent Power Producers
    VESE is the association of independent power producers in Switzerland. They have currently 130 members. Most of them are solar cooperatives with solar power plants from 10 – 1000 kWp.
    VESE is committed to "provide decentralized and independent Energy Production to their members".
  • Buergerwerke - Germany
    Bürgerwerke eG is a rooftop organisation of more than 12.000 citizens and 74 local energy cooperatives in Germany. They supply citizens all over Germany with cooperative renewable energy. Additionally, the Bürgerwerke office supports members to enter new business areas and to collaborate in mutual projects such as PV, wind and e-mobility. The vision of Buergerwerke is to enable "a renewable, regional, decentralized and independent energy future in the hand of citizens."

New Board of Directors

Welcome on board

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9th November 2017 - A new board for has been elected. is pleased to announce the following new board members who have been elected to serve a four-year term:

  • Ecopower (Belgium)
  • De Windvogel (Netherlands)
  • Enercoop (France)
  • Som Energia (Spain)
  • DGRV (Germany)
  • Middelgrunden (Denmark)
  • Energy4All (United Kingdom)
  • ZEZ (Croatia)

We are very thankful for the involvement of all our members during this election.

Advocacy Update

December 2017

28th November 2017 - The European Parliament agreed on a 35% renewables target by 2030, a 40% energy saving target by 2030 and - very important - regulatory support for self-consumers and Energy Communities. welcomes the decision to finally recognize Energy Communities in this legislation. The amendments adopted by the Committee will ensure renewable energy communities have sufficient space and regulatory support to engage in renewable energy production and supply.

You can read the complete press release about this vote here.

In the meantime, an important debate about Energy Communities is going around leading up to the Energy Council on the 18th of December. On one hand, some member states are trying to water down the definition on Energy Communities, so that large energy companies can benefit from it. And at the same time they want to make energy communities subject to the same rules as large energy companies, which is discriminatory. is fighting for an equal playing field for REScoops and other small actors.

If you are not yet involved but would like to be, get in touch with Josh Roberts.


EU and local leaders put forward financial solutions for local-driven energy efficiency.
Thanks to experience and solution sharing, CITYnvest unveils 5 key recommendations to EU leaders on how to reach energy efficiency in public buildings through innovative financing.
Read the CITYnvest Press Release >


Make your voice count - support a #CloserEurope with coops.
Join the Thunderclap campaign of Cooperatives Europe.
We support a cooperative Europe that brings Europe closer to its citizens, values, a fairer society and the future.
Show your support here > supports this campaign.

Implementation of Energy ID in Coopérnico

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of our Portuguese member Coopérnico and with the support of the European REScoop Plus project, a unique collaboration was set up to make the Energy Monitoring tool Energie ID available in Portugal. The platform is fully translated, the homepage refreshed and the models were adjusted to match the Portuguese context.

More information about Energie ID >
More information about Coopérnico >
If you are you interested in implementing Energie ID in your cooperative, get in touch with Vincent Dierckx from Energie ID.

Upcoming events

December & January

Below you can find a selection of events will be attending the next couple of months.

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