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RES-Scoop #24

Newsletter March 2018

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RES-Scoop #24 - March 2018
Energy transition to Energy Democracy

This is a newsletter of the European federation of renewable energy cooperatives ( We are a growing network of 1.500 European energy cooperatives and their 1,000,000 citizens who are active in the energy transition.

General Assembly 2018 Registration is open

On 23rd of June, the fifth General Assembly of will take place in Milan. The General Assembly will coincide with a conference on Renewable Energy Communities on Friday, 22nd of June. Participation is free of charge but registration is required!

More information & registration →

Energy communities in Greece  New legislation

Over the last months, Greece has made gradual but solid steps towards the promotion of energy democracy and boosting citizens participation.

Last January, the new law on energy communities was voted in the Greek Parliament: it defined the role of citizens in the energy sector, giving particular emphasis on the promotion of a solidarity economy and on fighting energy poverty.

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Clean energy package update March 2018

The clean energy package negotiations have taken several significant steps forward recently. At the end of February, the ITRE Committee of the European Parliament agreed on a final position on EU market design legislation, setting it up for negotiations with the Council later this year.

In the meantime, trilogue negotiations between the Council and the European Parliament on the Renewables Directive, Energy Efficiency Directive, and Governance Regulation have now begun.

Check out’s priorities for the trilogue negotiations →

EU network codes Free training 

We are teaming up with the Florence School of Regulation (FSR) to help our members learn more about the EU regulations which we know so little about, yet impact each of our day-to-day activities more than we know.

From 12-26 April, FSR will be holding an online training on the EU network codes for energy cooperatives, NGOs and consumer organisations. We highly encourage you to attend.

More information & registration

Citizen engagement WiseGRID workshops

In March and April 2018, citizen’s engagement workshops will take place in the different pilot sites of the WiseGRID project: Ghent, Terni, Crevillent, Kythnos and Mesogia.

The workshops will be organized to inform the citizens about the deployment of the WiseGRID tools in their neighborhood and to provide a platform for citizens to ask questions and give feedback. The project wants to encourage all - especially vulnerable - citizens to be part of the energy transition.

More information can be found on the WiseGRID website

FLEXcoop Project update

Demand-side (consumer) flexibility is an essential component of a 100% renewable energy system. The FLEXCoop project is looking to develop an ICT solution enabling cooperatives to use their members’ flexibility to answer the needs of the future grid.

Finally, the ‘Demand Response working group’ started its activities mid-February to enable interested cooperatives to exchange with project partners to extend their knowledge of Demand Response and the innovative services they could provide to their members in the future.

Upcoming events March - April
Below you can find a selection of events will be attending the next couple of months.
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