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Highlighting the achievements of the REScoop network in 2018

· News organised its General Assembly on 1st June 2019 in Zagreb. We gave our members detailed insights into what we did in 2018 and the financial results. We also gave a sneak preview of what 2019 will bring.

19 of our present members were present and entitled to vote. Additionally, 7 members were represented by proxy. The General Assembly was live streamed for members who couldn't join the AGM in person.

Our board at the AGM in Zagreb - ZEZ (Croatia), Middelgrunden (Denmark), Som Energia (Spain), Energy4all (UK), DGRV(Germany), Ecopower cvba (Belgium), Enercoop (France),De Windvogel (Netherlands)

Complementary to our General Assembly, published its annual report for 2018. Our 2018 annual report highlights the work over the past year of the network to lead the energy transition to energy democracy, and to make it possible for citizens to actively participate in renewable energy, energy efficiency and other technologies that decarbonise the energy system.

At the end of 2018 three new EU-directives on Energy, called the ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans-package’ were finalised in the Trilogues between the European Commission, Parliament and Council. engaged into intensive advocacy efforts together with the other members of the ‘Community Power Coalition’ (Friends of the Earth Europe, Greenpeace Europe, CAN- Europe, Bank Watch, WWF, ICLEI, Climate Alliance, Energy Cities, EREF, Housing Europe, …). Overall, we are quite happy with the results.

Although not perfect we now have secured rights for citizens and groups of citizens as active actors in the energy market and we obtained definitions for ‘renewable energy communities’ and ‘citizen energy communities’ that now have to be implemented in all legislations and regulations in all EU Member States. If implemented well, this will give European citizens opportunities to act privately or collectively without being discriminated against. The coming 18 months the federation will support its members in the implementation in their country… if time and finances allow this.

Indeed as already discussed in the General Assembly of Milan in 2018 we continue the effort to get less dependent from EU projects and try to diversify our income through servicing our members. In order to make this effective, the federation and its members should reach out to more REScoops in more countries to strengthen its membership and financial base. New services that were set up in 2018 and are now operational: The Mobility Factory (cooperative e-carsharing app) and REScoop MECISE (financing mutual).

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