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Expanding the network

· News is pleased to welcome Island Movement and Troya Energy cooperative to her network.

Island Movement was founded in November 2015 by a group of islanders that wanted to create a network that could connect different Croatian islands and strengthen the sustainable development of those islands.

Their main objectives are:

  • to mobilise local communities for the sustainable development of Croatian islands
  • to create a virtual platform as information/education/engagement tool for community building
  • to actively support national laws and regulations that promote island development and create policy frameworks according to the islanders needs
  • to actively promote sustainable energy as a key of a sustainable development
  • to connect island needs and experts
  • to develop educational and consultancy services for building up island capacities

Troya Energy cooperative was established in May 2017 as the first energy cooperative of their region in Turkey. It was founded by 8 people who were concerned about the planet and wanted to promote a transition towards a more sustainable use of natural resources.

Their main objectives are:

  • To build a sustainable future with the community and the citizens of Canakkale to achieve the Energy Transition of Turkey and Europe. 
  • To offer renewable energy solutions. 
  • To become an energy independent community where energy production meets consumption needs
  • To motivate citizens and communities to participate in the energy transition
  • To promote energy efficiency.
  • To lobby for a better political framework in Turkey, together with other Turkish cooperatives.
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