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As we embark on a new cycle, here's an overview of the project proposals we currently have in the pipeline.

The Wise Energy Transition project will identify financing tools with the objective to foster new REScoops in coal intensive regions like Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece and Bulgaria. will be working on this project together with Energy Cities and many others.

SiREC (Socially innovative Renewable Energy Communities) will assess how community energy benefits the local economy. We will define the impact of community energy projects in terms of monetary, social, political and ecological value. The consortium working on this project includes, Energie Partagée and ENostra.

With U-DREES (User-Centered Demand-Response and Energy Efficiency Services) we will explore opportunities for cooperatives to engage in flexibility and demand-response. The partners here are, Carbon Coop, Som Energia, Ecopower and Enercoop.

3LEAP (3 layers approach to finance energy efficiency) aims at developing innovative financing schemes for renewable and energy efficiency projects, and intensify collaboration with municipalities. Together with the European Crowdfunding Network and Climate Alliance, will support local authorities to aggregate projects and make these eligible for EU funds.

In our last newcomer, CEES (Community Energy for Energy Solidarity), we will develop new strategies that REScoops can use to mitigate household energy poverty. Key partners on the CEES project are, Energie Solidaire, ALIEnergy, Coopernico, Courant d'Air, University of Manchester, ZEZ and Repowering.

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