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Community Energy coalition launches publication

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14th February - Today, Friends of the Earth - in collaboration with Greenpeace, and Energy Cities (community Energy Coalition) - has published a publication about the EU’s new renewable energy legislation, what it means and how it can help to remove barriers to community and citizen renewable energy.

A recent study found that half of EU citizens – including local communities, schools and hospitals – could be producing their own renewable electricity by 2050, meeting 45% of their energy demand. Now, building on new EU community and citizen energy rights, the potential must be fully unleashed, to put Europe on the path to the needed energy transformation.

The community energy movement has recently received a boost, in the form of improved EU legislation which newly gives communities and individuals the right to generate, store, consume and sell their own energy. But these must now be put into practice in EU Member States. Community energy production in Europe has huge potential.

This booklet is mainly for national and local energy campaigners across Europe, municipal members, local environmental groups, members of planned or existing
energy cooperatives, and active citizens. It aims to explain what the EU’s new renewable energy legislation means. Bringing examples from across Europe, it shows how the EU legislation can help to remove barriers to community and citizen renewable energy. Chapter 2 explains the provisions and new rights for community and citizen energy. Chapter 3 lays out the implications for national and local governments. Chapter 4 suggests practical steps and resources for action.

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