• Compile

    The aim of COMPILE is to show the opportunities for decarbonization of energy supply, community building and creating environmental and socioeconomic benefits. Our consortium is looking to build a toolkit to build engaged and reliable energy communities. Our tools will tackle all aspects of micro-grid management and community engagement, from grid congestion to smart buildings and Community creation to virtual flexibility aggregation. There are 5 pilot sites in Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Greece and Portugal.

    Clean Energy For EU Islands

    The Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat is an initiative supported by the European Commission aimed at catalysing the clean energy transition on EU Islands.


    The Secretariat will provide a platform for the exchange and co-development of the Clean Energy for EU Islands initiative from the bottom-up. In practice this means a close dialogue with island communities and expert stakeholders for increased relevance and exchange of support, as well as ensuring solid local anchoring.


    ECCO aims to accelerate the growth of local Energy Community Co-Operatives (ECCOs), both in effectiveness and in numbers. The project wants to achieve this by bringing ECCOs together and linking them up with relevant sources of knowledge from around North West Europe to overcome the barriers they face at present.


    Additionally, ECCO wants to inspire policymakers and community groups to initiate their own ECCOs and, subsequently facilitate their initialization and development processes. By designing and establishing a transnationally connected Accelerator Network (AN), ECCO builds the organisational structure that secures that the support activities are continued after the project has ended.

    cVPP - Community-based Virtual Power Plant

    Although local power generation by renewable sources is increasing, it has not yet had a real impact on radical decarbonisation of the energy sector, Changes need to be made by unlocking the potential of the prosumer. This project proposes a community-based Virtual Power Plant (cVPP), a novel model that can help organise & significantly boost renewable energy production & distribution at a local level.

    Citizen-led renovation

    This project, financed by the European Climate Foundation aims to develop the concept of citizen-led energy renovations and a roadmap on how to further roll it out through Europe. Citizen led renovation refers to the mobilization of citizens to trigger and conduct energy renovation projects in single and multi-tenant buildings. With this project, REScoop.eu aims to build a framework of action across Europe.

    Community Energy Toolbox

    Citizens wanting to start a renewable energy community face a lot of challenges. How do I find enough volunteers, people with different competences, how do we organise, which projects do we engage in? What business model do we utilise? How do we finance the project, How do we manage our stakeholders? How do we overcome obstacles?


    The main aim of this project, financed by ECF, is to update the toolbox that REScoop.eu has developed to offer citizens help so that they can find answers to their questions, and overcome these challenges and obstacles.


    The objective of the WiseGRID project is to demonstrate an integrated Ecosystem that will establish an innovative approach for the management of the electrical power grids setting the cornerstones of the future Smart Grid. To that direction, it will embrace novel and interoperable mechanisms that will allow increased monitoring and controllability for the grid and will integrate storage technologies, demand response schemes and interfaces for energy consumer. WiseGRID will increase the overall energy efficiency by adopting a holistic approach of all energy carriers (electricity, heat and gas) in the consumer level.


    FLEXCoop aims at introducing a complete automated Demand Response framework for residential electricity consumers.


    The end-to-end interoperable solution will enable consumer flexibility to be valorised in front of a range of possible users in order to fulfil different services to the grid. This framework will enable energy cooperatives to explore demand response business models and take the role of aggregators. The pilot participants are members of two energy cooperatives located in the Netherlands and in Spain.

    REScoop PLUS

    The objective of REScoop Plus (Horizon 2020) was to develop energy savings as a new activity for European REScoops. With a large number of successful cooperative energy suppliers, REScoop.eu measured the overall energy savings and identified a range of European best practices. Our findings have been disseminated throughout our network of European REScoops and policy makers.

    REScoop MECISE

    REScoop MECISE (Horizon 2020) triggered an overall investment portfolio of over EUR 110M and allowed us to set up innovative approaches for fostering collaborations between European citizens and local authorities. With support from the EU Commission we launched REScoop MECISE SCE, a European mutual that can provide financial support to EU energy cooperatives, including starters.


    In CITYnvest (Horizon 2020) REScoop.eu developed and replicated successful innovative financing models for energy efficiency renovations in public buildings. The consortium featured models based on energy performance contracting, third party financing, revolving funds and cooperative models. REScoop.eu provided two in-depth case studies of how cooperatives can team up with local authorities to finance energy efficiency measures in public buildings.

    PV financing

    Feed-in tariffs (FITs) have been a key driver of the successful growth of solar Photovoltaic (PV) in basically every one of today’s large solar markets: first in Europe, now in China and Japan. The US is the only exception – backed by tax credits and net-metering, leasing has become a key means of financing residential solar systems there.
    With many European countries phasing out FITs or introducing more market-based support mechanisms, PV generators will have to directly sell solar power on the market. This raises the question of the bankability of future PV investments as well as of the best suited financing models for different types of investors ranging from utilities to homeowners.

    REScoop 20 20 20

    The project REScoop 20-20-20 (Intelligent Energy Europe) supported the start-up of 12 new energy cooperatives by means of a toolbox for starters and a network of mentors. Through the project we decided to set-up an EU federation to join forces on EU advocacy.

    Community Power

    Community-owned energy projects have the potential to transform our energy system. Communities and cooperatives all over Europe are creating projects where they own and are actively involved in running an energy resource. The Community Power project aimed to speed up the development of renewable energy projects by creating a favourable legislative environment.

    WISE Power

    WISE Power is a European project about the social acceptance of wind energy, aiming at significantly improving local engagement and support for wind turbines while enhancing local community participation in the planning and implementation of wind energy projects. More information on the project structure rationale and structure can be found under the expected results page.

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