Overall assesment

The plan consists of 49 reforms and 54 investments. They will be supported by an estimated €23.9 billion in grants and €11.5 billion in loans. 42.7% of the plan will support the green transition and 20.85% of the plan will support the digital transition.

Detailed assesment

General: allocation, definition, transposition

Specific allocation for energy communities

The fund mentions a pre-investment and investment support for existing communities energy companies or entities intending to establish such communities (EUR 97 mln).

Definition of energy communities in line with EU legislation

The fund refers directly to the definition from the Act on Renewable Energy Sources (2015), which, after numerous amendments, provides a relatively good definition of energy communities, in line with the EU's definition. There is also a link to the implementation of the RED II Directive: "Development of local renewable energy sources implemented by energy communities (including energy clusters, energy cooperatives and other energy communities resulting from the implementation of the RED II Directive), group prosumers (collective and virtual prosumers) with particular emphasis on the role of local government units (in particular municipalities and associations of municipalities) ) forming such local communities".

Proportionality of share of total fund allocated to energy communities

Only 10 energy communities (cooperatives and clusters) are to be supported in the investment phase. Allocation of EUR 97 million makes only 0.4% of the grant part. Support of only PLN 400 k (EUR 84 k) for one energy cooperative compared to PLN 1.5 million (EUR 315 k) for clusters.

Availability of tailored financing tools

Only grants are available.

Link to a wider scope of activities and objectives

Link between energy communities, building renovation and energy efficiency

The scheme does not mention a link between energy communities, building renovation and energy efficiency. Only in regard to clusters - extra points will be given to applications with experience of cooperation with scientific units in the field of RES or energy efficiency.

Recognition of energy communities under multiple objectives

Energy communities are not recognised under multiple objectives.

Transparency and inclusiveness

Holistic strategy to provide financing across different levels of project development

Grids investments supporting green energy planned in the RRP, but not linked to energy communities directly. Pre-investment support is foreseen for 139 energy communities and clusters.

Transparency of the design and communication of the schemes and measures

The process was rather problematic. The RRP underwent a public consultation process, but two calls for proposals were announced without a proper advertisement. The lack of monitoring committee meetings prevented members from influencing the selection criteria, and the launch of the calls was postponed until an unspecified date in Q2 2023 due to missing rules.

Selection criteria and the prioritisation of various social components

The selection criteria are not bad but clearly prioritise clusters over energy cooperatives, the social component is fully missing. There are also concerns regarding the application of the Do No Significant Harm principle.

Decentralised tender process

It is a Centralised call. However, regional and local authorities are represented in the Monitoring Committee, and are able to influence (on a general level) the implementation of the RRP

Existence of procedures to facilitate the participation of energy communities in open calls

There are no procedures yet to facilitate the participation of energy communities in open calls. However, the first call under investment B2.2.2 is for pre-investment support.

Stability and predictability of the programme through time

Timeframe, budget and number of entities to support are described in the RRP itself, support conditions in the call. However, changes are planned under the REPowerEU chapter (increase of support), and the details will be announced after the negotiations between Poland and the Commission.


Inclusion of energy communities in national REPowerEU chapter

Although this is not fully confirmed yet, as the REPowerEU chapter is in the drafting phase. Allocation to be almost doubled (additional EUR 91.5 million) and number of energy communities and clusters supported in the investment part will be increased from 10 to 60.