Overall assesment

Slovenia's National Recovery and Resilience Plan consists of 55 investments and 33 reforms. They will be supported by 1.8 € billion in grants and 0.7 € billion in loans. 42% of the plan will support climate objectives and 21% of the plan will foster the digital transition.

Energy communities are only mentioned within the complementary funds section of the Slovenian RRP, explaining that the former will be financed under Cohesion funding (EKP 2014-2020).

There is also a short mention (page 39, https://www.gov.si/assets/organi-v-sestavi/URSOO/01_si-rrp_23-7-2021.pdf) under the reform section. Energy communities are mentioned under reform for support for RES in Slovenia - as part of new law on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable energy sources (ZOVE). This section only mentions that an analysis of the barriers that energy communities are facing will be conducted. Finances for the reform are not identified in the RRP.

Detailed assesment

Inclusion of energy communities in national REPowerEU chapter

Energy communities will not be included in the REPowerEU chapter of the Slovenian RRP, despite the efforts of some NGOs. The Ministry for Environment, Climate and Energy responding to relevant NGO proposals asserted that there is no place for such projects under REPowerEU and that finances for this purpose will be available elsewhere. However, details of these alternative financing sources were not provided.