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    REScoop.eu is the European federation of renewable energy cooperatives. We are a growing network of 1,250 European energy cooperatives and their 1.000.000 citizens who are active in the energy transition.

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    In the coming decades, we will face an energy transition. Our energy system will shift from one based on fossil and nuclear fuels to renewable energy, from centralised to decentralised production, and from a system that wastes energy to a system that uses energy in a rational and efficient way. This transition will require a considerable investment that will be paid for by citizens: as consumers, as tax payers or as money savers. Citizens therefore should be at the heart of this energy transition. They should have control of their energy production, transportation, distribution and their energy supply. REScoop.eu strongly believes that renewable energy cooperatives are ideal partners to lead the energy transition to energy democracy. Want to learn more about energy democracy?

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