Overall assessment

Updated December 2022

Legislation transposing RECs into national law was passed in 2021. However, it mainly covers the definition of RECs, and specifies certain rights to participate in the electricity and heat sectors. However, this legislation did not cover the assessment of potential and barriers for the development of RECs. Furthermore, it does not specify any particular elements of the enabling framework that must be put in place. Nevertheless, 2 GW of additional production potential has been set aside for prosumers and RECs. As such, the government aims to develop measures around financial assistance to ensure that energy communities are able to develop this production capacity.

Overall, the enabling framework for RECs has yet to be addressed in the transposition process. Nevertheless, the government is currently assessing different options with the intent to make further progress in 2023.

Detailed assessment

Assessment of obstacles and potential for development of ECs

Not addressed in the transposition.

Removal of unjustified regulatory & administrative barriers

RECs are exempted from having to have balancing responsibility for installations. RECs are also exempted from having to pay a mandatory production contribution, which typically must be paid by producers of renewable electricity. To become a supplier of heat or electricity, RECs must comply with all applicable rules.

DSO duties around cooperation with ECs and facilitation of energy sharing

Not addressed in the transposition.

Fair, proportionate, and transparent registration & licensing procedures

Not addressed in the transposition.

Incentives connected to network tariffs based on a CBA

Not addressed in the transposition.

Non-discriminatory treatment as market participant

Not addressed in the transposition.

Accessibility to low-income & vulnerable households

Not addressed in the transposition.

Tools to access finance

Not addressed in the transposition.

Tools to access information

Municipalities are required to evaluate and publicly publish on their websites information about the plots of land owned by them and other places where energy production facilities of the renewable resources energy community can be built or installed.

Regulatory capacity building for public authorities

Not addressed in the transposition.

NECP reporting on enabling frameworks

Not addressed in the transposition. Member States are required via the Governance Regulation (2018/1999) to report on their enabling frameworks for RECs by 15 March 2023.

Support Scheme adapted for RECs

No special support schemes have been adopted for RECs.