Apply for your spot at the Community Energy Spring Gathering

You can now apply for a spot to join us in Athens for the Community Energy Spring Gathering from 8-10 May, 2023.

We have put together a rich and diverse programme flowing in two streams. The first stream of workshops will focus on gathering community leaders from Eastern Europe and the Balkans to consolidate and support the community energy movement in the region, where citizen energy is less established compared to Central and Western Europe. We highly encourage more established community practitioners or other people with a strong interest in the topic to apply for a spot in these sessions too, to discuss community energy issues, learn from each other, explore collaborations, and enjoy some time together.

The second stream of activities and workshops will be oriented towards more established energy communities and members of These sessions will dive deeper into specific technical or organisational issues.

Visit the Spring Gathering website to find out more about the programme. Do you want to be part of this three day event full of workshops, exchanges and fun? Apply before 7 March 2023!'s General Assembly registrations are open

During the General Assembly, and its members take a closer look at the activities of the past year, check the financial numbers, and talk about what’s coming up next. Together with our members, we want to have fruitful discussions and decide on a number of things that give direction to the organisation.

This year's General Assembly will coincide with the Spring Gathering and will take place on Wednesday 10 May, 2023 in Athens, Greece. Members will be able to participate and cast their vote online or in person. In any case, please register your attendance before 7 March via the Community Energy Spring Gathering registration form in the link above.