Welcome to the REScoop.eu network!

As we all know, the need for climate action has never been greater. The next few years will be crucial if we are to safeguard our future. This relates to the climate crisis just as much as to our democracy. We need to make radical changes in the way we use and produce energy. Citizens will be critical in achieving that transition, and cooperatives are the best way we know to mobilise them.

Our mission is to support citizens, cooperatives and cities in driving a citizen-led energy transition. We do this through a range of services – some that are available to anyone who works in the area of the citizen-led energy transition – and some that are exclusively designed to support the work of our members.

The more we are, the stronger our voice will be, so thank you very much for joining REScoop.eu and for helping us grow the community!

So, what can you expect as a REScoop.eu member?

Membership benefits

EU representation and advocacy work

REScoop.eu represents the interest of citizens and energy cooperatives in Brussels. We participate in the EU debates around the energy transition and related sectors, and make sure the perspective of citizens and cooperatives is heard and included in new policies and policy updates.

Members get access to our policy working group, where we share key EU documents and develop position papers. Our online platform and regular online meetings allow members to stay informed about the EU debate from an insider’s perspective, and get relevant insights for advancing the advocacy in their own countries. At the same time, REScoop.eu can ensure to share your story with EU decision-makers to inspire them further to support energy communities and cooperatives.

We also represent our members in the Community Power Coalition, a diverse network of like-minded organisations who share a common goal of promoting the development of citizen and community ownership in the urgent transformation of our energy system.

Send an email to our president dirk.vansintjan@rescoop.eu if you are interested to join our policy working group.

Networking opportunities

Members become part of a diverse, inspiring and dynamic network of energy cooperatives operating across Europe. This provides you with access to relevant trainings, workshops and events including our annual conference, which is often combined with a series of interactive workshops. Our events provide excellent networking opportunities and enable members to extend their professional network and find inspiration for their own cooperative.

Solving problems together

Are you stuck with something, wondering how other cooperatives have solved similar problems, and do you need support? Just reach out and let us see if we can find someone to help you out. Our network is made up of organisations and people with strong expertise on various topics and activities. This includes managing specific energy services or technologies (PV installations, electro-mobility or district heating), particular business models (RES-electricity production, retail, heat provision, etc.) or knowledge of the energy regulations in specific EU countries.

Due to the large size of the REScoop.eu network, we need to find a way to serve all our members as equally as possible. This means that we will always be able to answer any ad-hoc questions you may have. If you require more substantial support (such as advice for setting up a new service, an audit, cost-benefit analyses for your project, a tailored workshop), we will be happy to provide this to you in exchange for a modest fee.

Working groups

REScoop.eu animates a number of thematic working groups, where our members can exchange questions, experiences and expertise. The aim of the working groups is to provide our members direct access to sector related information and create a forum for exchange. In addition to the policy working group, you can join any of the working groups on research, shared e-mobility, demand response and collective home renovation. All groups can exchange on our online collaborative platform, and during the regular online meetings.

Get in touch with daan.creupelandt@rescoop.eu if you want to join any of these working groups.

Participation in EU projects

REScoop.eu regularly screens EU programmes - including Horizon 2020, Life, operating grants, Interreg – and identifies project opportunities for energy cooperatives. Members who want to bring forward a project proposal can be put in touch with other energy coops and organisations from within our network. Our team is well-experienced with EU projects and can guide you through the application procedure, including the eligibility criteria, how to build a strong consortium and work on a project concept or budget.

If you need support in writing a proposal, we can provide this in exchange for a fee.

Get in touch with daan.creupelandt@rescoop.eu for any question related to EU projects.

E-car sharing and financing RES projects

REScoop.eu was part of the founding team for The Mobility Factory, a European cooperative society that facilitates contact between cooperatives that provide e-car sharing services (including a shared code for personalising your e-car sharing app). Your REScoop.eu membership gives you access to the Mobility Factory’s online platform.

In addition, they can join REScoop MECISE and benefit from the financial facilitation service that we set up to finance community energy projects and do shared projects with other cooperatives.

Get in touch with daan.creupelandt@rescoop.eu if you're interested in joining The Mobility Factory or REScoop MECISE.


Members receive important updates through our monthly newsletter and via our social media channels including Twitter and Facebook. Sign up for our newsletter and follow our social media channels!

At the same time, our dissemination channels (this includes our website) are there to help our members amplify and showcase their own work. If you have an event, a story, anything you would like to share, don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook, Twitter or email sara.tachelet@rescoop.eu.

Membership fees

Part of our work is financed with annual membership fees. Membership contributions are decided by the general assembly and cover a full calendar year. Membership fees are usually due in the Summer or whenever there's a new application. Our coordinator will send you a reminder when payment is due.


Small federation: €1000 per year

  • Members: <25
  • Budget: limited
  • Personnel: no

Large federation: €2500 per year

  • Members: >25
  • Budget: some
  • Personnel: yes

Supporting federation: €7500 per year

  • Members: >25
  • Budget: substantial
  • Personnel: yes
Full member

Individual cooperatives

Start-up Cooperative: €100 per year

  • Members: 0-25
  • Production/sales: limited
  • Profit: limited
  • Personnel: no

Growing Cooperative: €500 per year

  • Members: 25-500
  • Production/sales: some
  • Profit: some
  • Personnel: possible

Established Cooperative: €1000 per year

  • Members: 500-1000
  • Production/sales: medium-sized
  • Profit: yes
  • Personnel: yes

Large Cooperative: €2500 per year

  • Members: <1000
  • Production/sales: large
  • Profit: yes
  • Personnel: yes

Supporting Cooperative: €7500 per year

  • Members: >1000
  • Production/sales: very large
  • Profit: yes
  • Personnel: yes
Full member


  • Small: €100 per year
  • Large: €500 per year
Assoicate member


REScoops that want to join our federation should fill out the application form and send it, together with a high resolution logo to daan.creupelandt@rescoop.eu. We will then provide you with further instructions.


Our members

REScoop.eu has full members and associate members.

Among its full members it has national or regional federations of REScoops or individual REScoops.


Awel Aman Tawe - United Kingdom (2 REScoop members)

Union Renovables - Spain (17 REScoop members)

REScoop Vlaanderen - Belgium (13 REScoop members)

REScoop Wallonie - Belgium (12 REScoop members)

DGRV - Germany (850 REScoop members)

Energie Samen - Netherlands (600 REScoop members)

SEV - Italy (20 REScoop members)

Community Energy England - United Kingdom (198 REScoop members)

Energy4All - United Kingdom (23 members)

Energie Partagée - France (153 members)

Confcooperative Consumo e Utenza - Italy (661 members)

Community Energy Wales - United Kingdom (26 members)

ASEC - Switzerland (13 members)

Individual REScoop members

HET Coöperatie - Netherlands

Elektropionir - Serbia

Les 7 Vents - France

Community Energy Colchester - United Kingdom

Vianova - Germany

Lochem Energie - Netherlands

Ecotxe - Spain

Mujeres con Energía - Spain

Plegma Energy Community - Greece

CER Energy City Hall of the City of Magliano Alpi - Italy

Nadder Community Energy - Untited Kingdom

Aran Islands Energy Co-op - Ireland

Minoan Energy Community - Greece

SUNO - Spain

Westmill Solar Cooperative - United Kingdom

Energy Revolt - Luxembourg

Our Power - Austria

CoopStroom cvba - Belgium

Courant d'Air - Belgium

Ecopower - Belgium

EnerGent - Belgium

Klimaan - Belgium

Partago - Belgium

Vlaskracht - Belgium

Island Movement - Croatia

ZEZ - Croatia

Middelgrunden - Denmark

Enercoop - France

I-ENER - France

Jurascic - France

Mobicoop - France

Buergerwerke eG - Germany

EWS Schönau - Germany

Green Planet Energy - Germany

UrStrom eG - Germany

Electra Energy Cooperative - Greece

Sifnos Energy Cooperative - Greece

Wind of Renewal - Greece

Coops Energy Ireland - Ireland

Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative - Ireland

South Kerry Community Energy Initiative - Ireland

Energia Positiva - Italy

Enostra - Italy

CoöperatieAuto - Netherlands

De Windvogel - Netherlands

Coopernico - Portugal

Cooperativa de Energia - Romania

Zadruga Soncnih Elektrarn Slovenije - Slovenia

Alterna - Spain

Conecta MovEL S. Coop - Spain

Energetica - Spain

Goiener - Spain

Sapiens Energia - Spain

Som Energia - Spain

Som Mobilitat - Spain

Energie Genossenschaft Schweiz - Switzerland

Troya Energy cooperative - Turkey

Carbon Coop - United Kingdom

Datblygiadau Egni Gwledig (DEG) - Wales

Muintir na Tíre - Ireland

Good Energy Community Greece - Greece

Associate members

Cleanwatts - Portugal

eKiwi movilidad - Spain

EMES - Belgium

ALIenergy - United Kingdom

BBEn - Germany

VESE - Switserland

EBO Consult - Denmark

Nobilegroup - Austria

Ecoserveis Association - Spain

Contact our mentors

Don't waste time struggling with problems that someone else has already solved. REScoop.eu contains a wide network of mentors, people who have built up specific expertise in a broad range of energy related topics such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy flexibility, e-carsharing, .... Our well-trained mentors are happy to help starters like yourself by giving advice, consultation and concrete guidance. Please contact us in case you are interested in getting support from our mentor network!