Advocacy working group

Representing the voice of citizens and renewable energy cooperatives to European policy makers

Members of can join the advocacy working group. This group gathers on a regular basis to discuss relevant policy issues. The advocacy working group shares white papers, public consultations and high level reports. Members receive updates on what is going on at the EU level, participate in developing joint position papers and elaborating an advocacy strategy, and can ask for support from other members of the group on specific issues.

Contact: Josh Roberts & Stavroula Pappa

Go renewable

Flexibility working group

Exchanging knowledge about innovative demand response tools and novel business models for energy cooperatives

With the FLEXCoop project, has set up a working group to explore and exchange on the topic of flexibility. The REScoopVPP project continued and deepened this working group. This working group is constituted of interested members and will serve as an interlocutor for the project consortium and provide direct access to the project experts and be a forum for exchange among participants.

Contact: Roland Tual

Italy Sara

Citizen-led renovation working group

Collaboration on sustainable home renovation by energy cooperatives

In this working group, members build collaborations and share knowledge, experience, and best practices relating to deep and shallow renovation. We empower communities to take collective action and make their homes and communities more energy efficient. In this way the working group will support the development and expansion of sustainable building renovation activities in Europe.

Contact: Felix Kriedemann and Srgjan Vidoeski

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Gender Power working group

Promoting gender-just energy communities

In the community energy sector, despite the progress made, a gender gap still exists concerning female participation, visibility and representation in management positions. Moreover, energy communities often struggle to attract female members, especially vulnerable women.

In order to promote gender-just energy communities, has launched a Gender Power working group.

Contact: Antonia Proka

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Community Heating & Cooling

Supporting the development and expansion of citizen-owned renewable heating and cooling activities across Europe

In this working group, members build collaborations and share knowledge, experience, and best practices on renewable heating and cooling installations. We empower communities to take collective action and make their homes more thermally comfortable and renewable, while increasing energy efficiency.

Are you part of a citizen energy cooperative interested in and/or working on heating and cooling, and a member of Then please join our working group!

Contact: Felix Kriedemann

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District heating network (c)Warmteverzilverd

Public financing

Mobilising members of the federation around public financing programs.

The public financing working group of aims to inform and facilitate exchanges among members of the federation who are interested in developing financing programs, while also enhancing the link to the secretariat team. This working group will gather intelligence about European financing programs, explore campaign opportunities for collectively generating more financing for energy cooperatives, and feature presentations from peers working on specific programs.

Join the working group to contribute and learn about funding and financing opportunities.

Contact: Stanislas d'Herbemont


Large scale projects

Promoting the participation of energy cooperatives in large scale renewable projects.

The large projects working group of aims to establish a dedicated discussion space for the development of large renewable projects for cooperatives across the EU. Our goal is to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and gather knowledge to enhance cooperative capacities in handling large project sizes and portfolios. This working group will cater to members seeking to expand their activities towards large-scale infrastructure projects such as district heating and offshore wind. We will share insights, address barriers and solutions, and explore technical and business issues brought forth by members.

Contact: Stanislas d'Herbemont

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Middelgrunden offshore wind farm. Photo by Erik Christiansen.