Flexibility working group

Exchanging knowledge about innovative demand response tools and novel business models for energy cooperatives

With the FLEXCoop project, REScoop.eu has set up a working group to explore and exchange on the topic of flexibility. This working group is constituted of interested REScoop.eu members and will serve as an interlocutor for the project consortium and provide direct access to the project experts and be a forum for exchange among participants.

Contact: Roland Tual

Italy Sara

Advocacy working group

Representing the voice of citizens and renewable energy cooperatives to European policy makers

Members of REScoop.eu can join the advocacy working group. This group gathers on a regular basis to discuss relevant policy issues. The advocacy working group shares white papers, public consultations and high level reports. Members receive updates on what is going on at the EU level, participate in developing joint position papers and elaborating an advocacy strategy, and can ask for support from other members of the group on specific issues.

Contact: Dirk Vansintjan

Go renewable

E-mobility working group

Co-operative network for sustainable mobility

In the future, electric cars will play an important role in our local electricity grids (so called smart grids) . Presently, however, we face the challenge of rolling out this technology efficiently in our local communities. We believe that by setting up European collaboration around this topic, we can find an answer to this challenge that also provides opportunities to all energy cooperatives.

The Mobility Working Group of REScoop.eu works to facilitate electric car sharing. A new European co-operative Society called "The Mobility Factory SCE" has been founded, giving energy cooperatives the opportunity to become co-owners of a shared IT platform for e-car sharing.

Contact: Daan Creupelandt


Citizen-led renovation working group

Our vision of the energy efficiency first principle: efficiency, sobriety and solidarity

In this working group, energy cooperatives collaborate on the concept of citizen-led energy renovation and develop a roadmap on how to further this issue. Citizen-led renovation brings citizens together to conduct energy renovation projects in single and multi-tenant buildings.

The goal of this working group is to identify barriers, financing schemes, experiences and best practices related to deep renovation of homes and public buildings.

Contact: Stanislas d'Herbemont

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