Community coaching

Navigating the different stages of citizen energy projects is an exciting journey, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. To ensure you can bring your project to completion, has developed capacity-building services to help energy communities move forward at any stage of their projects.

Local authorities who want to reach out to their citizens and support the foundation of an energy cooperative or energy community may benefit from our renowned LICHT approach.

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Organisational Development can organise training sessions on specific topics for you. Our training sessions cover topics like Horizon 2020 proposal development, financial reporting, project-related audits, strategy development, communication and dissemination campaigns, data privacy management, intellectual property rights, demand response, microgrids, community engagement, collaborations with municipalities, etc.

If you have a specific topic you would like to receive training on, don't hesitate to let us know!

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In addition to the advocacy efforts included in the membership, we offer tailored advocacy services to members and non-members. We can for example provide support to policymakers and community energy advocates for the development of policies that support the creation and growth of energy communities, or conduct policy analysis. We can further write guidance reports and give policy presentations, lectures and workshops.

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Are you wondering how to set up a renewable energy project in your community? Would you and your neighbours like to improve energy efficiency and energy consumption in your homes, or set up an e-carsharing service? Are you looking for financing models for citizen energy projects, or for inspiration on how citizens and municipalities can work together better?

Our toolbox provides you with guidance and successful examples for renewable energy projects that are fully or partially owned by citizens. It includes guides developed by, but also inspiration and good practices from our members all across Europe.

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In addition to the financing services included in membership, we offer tailored financing services for members and non-members. We can support you on applying for European funding programs by helping improve your proposal, write concepts, identify potential consortium partners and deliver full proposals. We can also support you in creating a full funding strategy.

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Services for members members benefit from a range of additional services beyond the options listed here. Curious about how can support your cooperative?