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    The last couple of years, REScoop.eu has been working on several services to provide to the European cooperatives.


    Creating a sustainable Mobility Network


    Through the Sustainable Mobility Network, REScoop.eu wants to support cooperatives that want to start e-car sharing with their members.


    Through the sustainable mobility network, Partago (BE), Som Mobilitat (ES) and Courrant d’air (BE) are currently sharing experience, building expertise and collaborating on the use and co-development of a common IT platform to share e-cars in a network of users.


    We will keep you informed on the progress of the mobility network.


    Creating a European Mutual for Energy Communities

    REScoop.eu is working on a financial facilitation service that will foster an international collaboration between energy co-ops and at the same time allow them to scale-up the size of individual investments.


    More information can be found on www.rescoop-mecise.eu.



    Sharing knowledge and providing access to sector related information

    1. Basecamp

    Members of REScoop.eu can get access to Basecamp, a platform where we share templates, sector related reports, academic research, position papers, policy papers and all kinds of other relevant resources.

    2. Training sessions

    REScoop.eu organises monthly training sessions on specific topics. The sessions deal with topics like Horizon 2020 proposal development, financial reporting, project related audits, communication and dissemination campaigns, data privacy management, intellectual property rights, demand response, microgrids, community engagement, collaborations with municipalities, etc.


    Information about each training session will be provided in time.

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