Exploring citizen-owned heating and cooling

Join us for a unique opportunity to explore a Community District Heating network on 30 June in Ostende.

With the approaching European elections, and spreading worries about the price of energy, citizen-owned renewables are an excellent solution to keep down prices and volatility.

While electricity production is a widespread activity for energy cooperatives, community-owned heating and cooling systems are less known. This visit aims to provide better insights into the benefits, operation and future of community district heating and cooling networks.

Event Details:

  • Date: 30 June, 10h30 - 16h CET
  • Location: Ostend, Belgium
  • Organizers: REScoop.eu and Energie Samen

What to expect

During the study visit, participants will get to explore the bowels of Ostend's Community District Heating network. This immersive experience is open to policy makers, members of energy cooperatives, and other stakeholders interested in gaining valuable insights into the democratization of heating. Participants are welcome to ask any questions, and create a debate on the topic.

The visit will provide an opportunity to engage with relevant stakeholders, discuss the drivers and barriers faced by these systems at national and EU levels, and exchange knowledge and experiences on the future of energy

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Optional dinner and networking

In addition, an optional dinner will be held on 29 June for those interested, providing a relaxed atmosphere for networking and building connections with fellow participants and experts. It's a great opportunity to extend your engagement beyond the study visit, and know the citizens behind Community Heating and Cooling.


As space is limited, we kindly request interested participants to register before Monday, 5 June. Please note that due to the high level of interest in this topic, we may not be able to accommodate everyone.

For any inquiries or further information, please feel free to reach out to Felix Kriedemann who will be more than happy to assist you.

Join us for this enriching study visit and gain valuable insights into Community District Heating and Cooling. Register now to secure your spot!