Climate change is a 'hot' topic. Engaged citizens develop solutions to tackle those societal issues. They develop innovative and scalable social enterprises both in Belgium and South Africa. Both countries can learn a lot from each other. That is why this year the Social Innovation Factory, with the support of the Flemish government, will be organizing an exchange with LifeCo Unltd South Africa.

Climate innovators from South Africa will visit us in September to explain their work and discover the expertise of their Belgian colleagues. In November, we'll visit the South African projects. Curious who they are? Kom ons kyk! Sign up for the Climate Meet-Up, a network opportunity on social climate entrepreneurs from Belgium and South Africa and REScoop Flanders are very pleased to be part of the Belgian delegation and to have the opportunity to exchange knowledge in the scope of this international exchange. In September we will organise a site visit to Eeklo to show the work of Ecopower, he largest energy cooperative in Flanders, Belgium. We will also discover the work of the other Belgian enterprises. In November, a team member will be visiting the South-African projects to find out more about how they are working.

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