Register for the European Sustainable Energy Week and meet us at the networking village!

6 June ǀ 09:00 - 12:30 ǀ The energy efficiency toolkit for energy communities – REScoop Plus

The REScoop PLUS has developed a network and toolbox to support energy efficiency as a value-making activity for renewable energy cooperatives. The project aims to enact the Energy Efficiency First principle, by sharing the tools and techniques developed by REScoops for REScoops. ǀ Twitter @RescoopPlus

6 June ǀ 14:00- 17:30 ǀ WiseGRID: solutions for European SmartGrid – WiseGRID

The WiseGRID project aspires to transform the European grid while reducing complexity and allowing participation with a set of technologies such as storage, electric vehicles, distributed energy resources integration and demand response. By doing so, the consortium hopes that the project will set an example for energy democracy where cooperatives and small and medium-sized enterprises can have a fair right to participate in the energy market. ǀ Facebook @wisegrid ǀ Twitter @WiseGRID_H2020

7 June ǀ 09:00 - 12:30 ǀ ECCO creates new energy community cooperatives

ECCO aims to accelerate the growth of local Energy Community Cooperatives (ECCOs), both in effectiveness and in numbers.

Actively involving local communities in rural areas is a promising strategy to overcome the failing Renewable Energy market. ECCO shows EU citizens and policymakers that local energy community co-operatives are strengthened by rural entrepreneurs, especially farmers, and have the potential to be real game changers in the energy transition in rural areas throughout North-Western Europe (NWE).