Organised by Green Energy Cooperative

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The Good Energy Summit is intended for everyone who views the development of renewable energy sources as a chance to develop local communities and create a
positive change in the society. Good energy encompasses new economic models and
practices that through ownership and use of renewable energy sources improve
quality of life in local communities and are based on the principles of fairness,
democracy and concern for people and the environment.

Over 80 local and European experts, researchers, practitioners,
decision-makers, social entrepreneurs, innovators, activists and enthusiasts who deal
with community energy, energy communities and energy poverty from different
backgrounds, are being invited, all sharing the same goal: bringing positive changes in the society.

CONFIRMED GUESTS, Energy Cities, Energy4All, Robin Hood Energy,
Caritas Germany, Transnational Institute, Focus, Greenpeace, UNDP Serbia, GIZ Serbia,
International Renewable Energy Agency and many others.

In three and a half days you will be able to take part in more than 30 lectures and panel
discussions, share experiences and inspire other people who have dared to approach
various environmental, climate, social and political challenges in an innovative way.

The topics covered through panel discussions and lectures are:

  • Models of citizen participation in ownership of renewable energy sources
  • Development of community energy models in Croatia and the Western Balkan region
  • Development of energy communities in cities, islands and rural areas
  • Green energy as a public good
  • Models for fighting energy poverty

More than 10 successful projects of cities, municipalities and energy cooperatives will
be presented at the conference as the best projects of good energy.

Partners and supporters are representing numerous domestic and international
organizations such as Association of Cities in Croatia, Energy Cities,, the
Institute for Political Ecology, Faculty of Geotehnical Engineering, Greenpeace and
Renewable Energy Sources Croatia (GIU OIE).

The event is organized within the project “Good energy in Social Entrepreneurship”
implemented by Green Energy Cooperative in collaboration with Craft College and
funded by the European Social Fund.