The number of initiatives by citizens and farmers to jointly generate local sustainable energy is slowly but surely increasing. Nevertheless, the start-up of an energy cooperative still faces various barriers. The European ECCO project aims to accelerate the growth of local Energy Community Co-Operatives (ECCOs), both in effectiveness and in numbers. Experienced pioneers in Northwest Europe share knowledge and expertise and make their proven business cases available to starting cooperatives.

Join us at the Lochem Energy Acceleration Days In Lochem November 14th & 15th! This international conference includes workshops, masterclasses, excursions and debates around the topic of local energy cooperatives. The ECCO project partners will showcase a variety of energy cooperative initiatives for gaining inspiration and knowledge.

Organiser LochemEnergie invites members of local cooperatives, farmers and citizens, entrepreneurs, policy makers, academic partners and representatives of associations that are active or wants to be active in the energy transition in their particular region. LochemEnergie has prepared an intensive program that involves the practical exchange of knowledge and experience.

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The Local Energy Acceleration Days are organised in collaboration with the INTERREG ECCO project. The positive effects of the project’s activities are possible thanks to financial support from the European Regional Development Fund provided by the Interreg North-West Europe programme.