The Right to Energy Coalition organises an event to discuss solutions and strategies to strengthen the growing movement to end energy poverty across Europe.

  • When: December 1-3rd
  • What: 15 workshops including panel discussions, workshops and webinars
  • Where: Online

This is an opportunity to connect with activists, campaigners, decision makers and researchers who work on energy poverty and energy democracy to ensure a socially-fair energy transition that leaves no one behind. The programme includes speakers from local, national and EU perspectives including: grassroot activists Alianza contra la Pobreza Energetica in Catalonia, national campaigners Focus in Slovenia and European MEPs such as Cornelia Ernst (GUE/NGL) & Radan Kanev (EPP)

Most sessions will be in English, however translations are readily available in over 10 languages upon request. Please contact for more information.

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Energy poverty as a social and environmental justice issue

1 in 4 Europeans are unable to adequately light, heat or cool their homes, and poor quality housing is linked to 100,000 premature deaths a year. There is growing discontent in the face of unjust and unambitious climate policies that make the poorest pay the bill of the energy transition. As rates soar due to Covid-19, it is clearer than ever before that Energy poverty is a social and environmental justice issue. is part of the Right to Energy Coalition supports the Right to Energy Coalition as it is an issue that unites environmental and social campaigners, anti-poverty groups, trade unions, social housing providers, health organisations, NGOs and energy cooperatives.

The Right to Energy Coalition creates a strong movement across Europe demanding and creating energy solutions for all.