Building blocks of energy democracy!

This year’s European Energy Communities Forum takes us to Prague, capital of the Czech Republic. Inspired by the cities’ famous Charles Bridge, connecting East and West, and its rich history of crafts and inventions, we’ll explore energy communities as catalysts for change and as a bridging factor between people of different backgrounds and communities. Against growing polarisation and climate and energy injustices, collective, democratically governed local projects can ignite new hope and trust in each other and a sustainable future.

What to expect?

From 13 until 15 May, we're teaming up with our Member UKEN to bring energy communities from across Europe together in a three day event full of workshops, exchanges and interactive sessions. We’ll strengthen our efforts to transform the rules of the energy game by offering an alternative to one winner taking it all. This means helping citizens who might still be struggling to get their projects off the ground, offering insights and support for effectively advocating for stronger policy recognition and enabling frameworks, but also diving deeper into how the community energy movement can become more inclusive towards people who have remained underrepresented in climate and energy decision making.

This event will be organised with the support of the European Climate Foundation. We’ll team up and build on expertise from our member UKEN, a Czech coalition of budding energy communities that, through the support and facilitation of upcoming renewable energy communities, aims to create a clean and decentralised future for the Czech energy system.’s General Assembly

Alongside the European Energy Communities Forum, will organise its Annual General Assembly on Wednesday 15 May, where we hope to meet our members, look back at the past year and discuss what's to come. We warmly invite our members to participate in the Forum, which will offer numerous opportunities to exchange with colleagues from across Europe, meet new initiatives and learn about the latest developments in Europe's energy transition.

More information and website coming soon, stay tuned!