When: 20 November 2020 / 10h30-12h30

What: webinar on community-based power plants, how this concept can support energy communities & practical experiences and approaches

Hosted by: cVPP & REScoop VPP

Community based virtual power plants

Driven by the growing concerns about CO2 emissions, recent years have seen a substantial increase of renewables. However, their growing deployment, intermittent nature and the lack of storage cause grid problems. Through an ICT platform that reacts to price changes, energy flows and weather conditions, cVPP facilitates bottom-up energy initiatives to aggregate distributed generation and flexibility and thereby help release the grid congestion. Being organized by a community and driven by their needs however, cVPP also works for citizens. It empowers them to become smart prosumers and participate in the energy management. cVPP can thereby contribute to democratization of the energy markets and radically accelerate fair energy transition.

Figure - cVPP empowers communities to become collective smart prosumers and participate in the management of energy, not only its consumption and production. (c) Luc van Summeren

Cvpp concept

About cVPP

This Interreg NW Europe-funded project has developed 3 cVPPs in communities with already established renewable energy generation infrastructure. They are cloud-based energy management systems that run on a series of algorithms based on decisions taken by the renewable energy producing community. cVPP designed the systems, established them, built the web applications and trained the local communities. Together, the communities worked on key questions including how they would like the system to be organised and how the risks and benefits would be shared.

Cvpp logo

About REScoop VPP

With REScoop VPP we develop a cooperative approach to Virtual Power Plants through open standards, open source software and collaborative licensing of smart energy management tools. The goal of REScoop VPP is to set-up a community-driven virtual power plant that can actually provide flexibility services to the grid.

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