On 7 October, REScoop Vlaanderen and REScoop.eu co-organize the event "The wind blows for everyone: on land at sea and in the air" on the iconic Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior. The event will be mainly in Dutch.

Because the capacity on board is very limited, we work with a selective guest list and by invitation only. However, you can watch the live streaming of the event and of the interviews we conduct afterwards with a few prominent attendees via the Facebook pages of Ecopower, REScoop Vlaanderen and REScoop.eu.

The Flemish and European federations of citizen energy cooperatives for renewable energy treat local and regional administrators, representatives from civil society, citizens and members of the press to a fun, interesting and inspiring evening. Ten speakers will give a short pitch about their experiences with citizen participation in the energy transition, based on their personal, professional or political vision. Good practices from the EU, the Netherlands, the province of East Flanders and various cities and municipalities can hopefully inspire and encourage the Belgian and Flemish policy makers who are lagging behind in terms of civic participation.

The evening will be introduced by Wouter Deprez, citizen, comedian and member of the energy cooperative EnerGent. VRT journalist Marjan Temmerman moderates the evening. The program is followed by a reception, all attendees will have the opportunity to get a tour on the Rainbow Warrior.

Our message

Europe, Belgium and Flanders are fully committed to renewable energy. This is both necessary and urgent if we want to reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution caused by fossil fuels. Renewable energy comes from sun, hydro-power and biomass, and to a very large extent from wind. But who owns the wind? According to the Flemish citizens' cooperatives for renewable energy, united in REScoop Flanders, the wind is blowing for everyone. On land, at sea and in the air. Therefore, we claim that all Belgian citizens should be able to become owner of the energy installations that harvest energy, both on- and offshore.Add paragraph text here.

The event 'The wind blows for everyone - on land, at sea and in the air' will take place on Monday 7 October from 7 pm to 10 pm on the iconic Greenpeace ship the Rainbow Warrior in the port of Antwerp. Not coincidentally during the IASC World Commons Week 2019. We have to manage our energy together as a common good. Citizens finance about 90% of the energy transition through the subsidy system for green energy certificates. In addition to the costs, let them share in the benefits and give them a say and democratic ownership.

World commons week

During the event at the Rainbow Warrior, REScoop Flanders and REScoop.eu will use personal, professional and political testimonials to draw the attention of all Flemish and Belgian administrators to the central role citizens have in the energy transition:

  • Give citizens co-ownership of renewable energy production facilities. Include direct participation as a criteria in all concessions for on- and offshore wind projects.
  • Recognise the role of citizens as active players in the energy market and no longer reduce them to consumers or investors.
  • Ensure that the new European regulations on citizen energy communities and renewable energy communities are transposed quickly and effectively into Belgian and Flemish legislation.
  • Follow inspiring examples. Thanks to the role of citizen energy cooperatives, Denmark has a strong lead in the field of heating networks. The Netherlands laid down a 50% direct citizen participation in renewable energy production in their Climate Agreement. Closer to home, Laarne and Eeklo did the same by means of a municipal council decision.


19.00 Welcome aboard!
19.30 - 21.00 Programme, moderated by Marjan Temmerman, VRT journalist.

  • Wouter Deprez, citizen, comedian and shareholder of the energy cooperative EnerGent, opens the programme with a monologue. Airy as the wind and relevant as the role of the citizen in the energy transition.
  • Siward Zomer, chairman of ODE Decentral and REScoop NL shares lessons from the Netherlands, where citizen participation plays a full role in renewable energy production and was even formally included in the Climate Agreement.
  • Bob D'Haeseleer, alderman of Eeklo, talks about his city as a wind pioneer and how wind energy became a regional product for the Eeklonians thanks to their support base model.
  • Steve D'Hulster, alderman for citizen participation of the city of Mortsel, discusses the close cooperation with the local citizens' cooperative ZuidtrAnt.
  • Ilse Premereur, urban planner and sustainability advisor for the city of Leuven, brings her experience with the development of renewable energy at the city level and the structural partnership with citizen's cooperative Ecopower.
  • Moira Callens, project coordinator East Flanders Energy Landscape, shows from practice how and why provincial council decisions create a support base model for wind energy.
  • Serge de Gheldere, climate expert at FutureProofed and Klimaatzaak and climate ambassador of Al Gore, gives his vision on citizen participation in the energy transition.
  • Jan Steinkohl, European Commission DG Energy, explains the new EU legislation on energy communities, how it developped and what opportunities it creates for citizens in all member states. (ENG)
  • Jan De Pauw, director of REScoop Flanders, presents the 'apple-sauce metaphor' about the international cooperative principles and the difference between direct and indirect participation.

21.00 - 22.00 Reception and guided tour on the Rainbow Warrior by Greenpeace.


What? REScoop Flanders organises the event 'The wind is blowing for everyone'.
"on land, at sea and in the air. In doing so, we are drawing attention to the role of the citizen in the energy transition and calling on administrators to provide direct citizen participation in all on- and offshore renewable energy projects.

When? Monday 7 October, from 19h00 to 22h00.

Where? The Rainbow Warrior is located in the Kattendijkdok in Antwerp at the Zaha Hadidplein.

Rainbow warrior windenergie copyright Bas Beentjes Greenpeace
Copyright: Bas Beentjes / Greenpeace