Community energy 1

Today, many people still don’t know what community energy is and the benefits it can offer in collectively addressing climate and social challenges. Spreading the word about community energy is thus an important aspect of leading the transition to energy democracy.

Complementing the publication “Community Energy - A practical guide to reclaiming power”, this guide produced by Energy Cities and will help you to kick off communication and engagement activities for the development of local community energy projects. It proposes methods to support communication workers to increase awareness around the community energy topic. This up to date, step-by-step handbook will inspire you with numerous examples of cities and cooperatives that successfully built a local, community-led renewable energy revolution!

Hopeful storytelling for a better future

Storytelling can be a great and important tool for showcasing the real people behind this energy democracy revolution. In our present information-driven society, whoever controls the narrative, has the power. And the community energy narrative is one of hope, belief, connectedness, empowerment and possibility.

Engagement at the heart of energy communities

Engagement with members is absolutely necessary for creating and retaining an energy community. It is the key element that distinguishes the energy community from traditional top-down energy companies.

Through a close relationship with members, energy communities build renewable energy projects, and contribute to a clean, fair and democratic energy transition.

Community energy campaigning

This guide wants to encourage you to start building community energy communication activities. We truly believe that good community energy campaigns are key to support our growing movement of people who are reclaiming power.

Spread the word about this revolution. This practical guide can help you.