is participating in the Horizon 2020 Agro Fossil Free project, which aims to eliminate the high fossil fuel use in agriculture by creating the framework under which critical stakeholders will cooperate to evaluate and promote the currently available fossil-energy-free technologies and strategies (FEFTS) in EU agriculture. Our federation has plenty of successful and inspiring technologies and examples that can be used by farmers to decarbonise the agriculture sector. To get an overview of these existing strategies and technologies, we'd like to kindly ask our members to fill out the FEFTS registration survey. You can find it via the link below.


In order to successfully fill out the questionnaire, please have a look at the proposed methodology that will ask you to identify different fossil-energy-free technologies and strategies (FEFTS) which are tools that are required to address cleaner and more efficient energy production and use in agriculture and have 4 different categories:

  1. Clean Energy Production (f.e.Photovoltaics, Solar thermal, Wind-turbines, Heat pumps, Biogas/biomethane production, Solid biomass conversion)
  2. Energy Efficiency Improvement (f.e Building Management Systems (BMS), Efficient maintenance of vehicles, Precision agriculture techniques, Precision livestock farming, Conservation agriculture)
  3. Carbon Sequestration (f.e.Crop rotation, Soil coverage, No/minimum tillage, Nutrient management, Crop diversification)