Aquathermal energy technology enables the extraction of heat or cold from surface water and subsequent processing through heat pumps to support local or district heating. Implementing this technology in community-led projects can provide zero-emissions heating, enhance energy efficiency, and empower citizens to drive a bottom-up, just energy transition.

The AquaCOM project has launched a mentoring programme to support 15 energy communities from Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands in developing aquathermal energy projects in their area. These early adopters will have the opportunity to learn about aquathermal energy and receive hands-on mentoring and technical support from project partners and industry experts. Participants can also join visits to pilot sites, masterclasses and training initiatives from September 2024 until October 2027.

The direct hands-on experience and knowledge gained by the AquaCOM early adopters will inform the development of valuable and relevant learning materials and guidelines for other energy communities throughout the project.

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Energy communities at any stage of development can participate in the programme. Depending on their readiness to develop an aquathermal energy project, the AquaCOM team will classify them as project-ready, actively engaged or early-stage communities. This classification will ensure tailored support and maximise learning opportunities for all participants.

AquaCOM will cover expenses for site visits and masterclasses for one representative per energy community. Additional members can follow online activities and attend the in-person events at their own expense.

Interested in becoming an aquathermal energy early adopter? Apply by 7 June 2024.

About AquaCOM

AquaCOM is an Interreg NWE project that aims to empower energy communities in North-West Europe to use aquathermal energy to sustainably and efficiently heat their community. AquaCOM is developing replicable governance and technical models for aquathermal energy and providing training and capacity building activities for energy communities.

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