The atlas of Utopias is an initiative coordinated by Transformative Cities, a network of regional and international organizations. The atlas is a global gallery of inspiring community-led transformation in water, energy, food systems and housing, featuring 33 stories from 24 countries.

Goiener Taldea is included in the edition of 2019 as a best practice, defined by Transformative Cities as "a citizens’ cooperative generating and promoting the use of renewable energy in Basque Country and Navarra, Spain, to help people whose energy needs are not being met and who are excluded by the big energy corporations."

Goiener Taldea is a non-profit cooperative supplier set-up in 2012 with a group of 30 volunteers as a reaction to the lack of democratic models in traditional energy companies and their total lack of consideration for the environment.

So, from the beginning, the cooperative’s focus has been on direct communication with people to tell them about the cooperative’s purpose, including talks in cultural centres and associations, green movements and consumer groups, and forging alliances with already-established social movements. Also, in the governance model of the cooperative, volunteers make up half of those in the decision-making bodies. Currently about 65% of the people who join do so on the direct recommendation of another member.

Currently, Goiener has more than 10,400 members, 5 offices and 31 partners; manages more than 13,000 contracts, and in 2018 invoiced more than 8 million euros.

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