During the last couple of weeks we introduced you to some of the different guides and aspects of the COMPILE toolkit (Best Practice Guide, Financing Guide and Stakeholder Engagement Guide). Today, the moment is here to celebrate the Toolkit in full as you can now, interactively experience its entire content on the COMPILE project’s website.

What you’ll find in this toolkit

The COOLKIT is a series of reports and dashboards providing you with ideas, inspiration, tools and methods to help you build your energy community.

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It is meant as an orientation guide that will encourage you and your community to dig further and to kick-start your own project tailored to your own needs. To help you get on your way the toolkit is made up of different guides, each with a different focus.

The Stakeholder Engagement Guide provides ideas on how to start and structure an energy community, meaning a group of citizens looking to develop activities in favour of a local energy transition. It focuses specifically on the tools and techniques that relate to structuring the core group of an energy community project and raising support in the local community.

The Financing Guide’s aim is to discuss the relationship between the two pillars of project development: financing and ownership. This report will be an overview of models that energy communities may consider to finance their activities and projects.

The Best Practice Guide is meant to inspire. The goal of this report is to share examples and best practices on how to create energy communities in various markets of the energy sector. In this guide, we identify and describe the most interesting cases and stories that we came across in the European cooperative movement.

The Technical Tools Guide describes each of the technical tools of the COMPILE project (GridRule, HomeRule and ComPilot), zooming in on their content, look and feel and use, enabling community leaders that are looking for a specific technical tool to make an well-informed decision.

Is this toolkit for me?

This toolkit is developed to support your community’s journey to create, grow and scale energy community initiatives in your neighborhood. So if you ever wondered about one of the following questions, then this toolkit is definitely for you:

  • How to create an energy community?
  • What are the benefits of creating an energy community?
  • What are successful examples of energy communities?
  • How to finance my community energy project?
  • How do energy communities support the energy transition?

This toolkit is an evolving product – it will be updated with more guides by the end of the project so stay tuned!


COMPILE is a H2020 project looking to build citizen and renewable energy communities in closed or poorly connected systems. The goal of our project is to provide solutions for communities to grow and structure to transform the European energy system. COMPILE has produced this toolkit to support European citizens to create energy communities.