Local ownership, accountability and involvement are important tools to tackle some of today’s most pressing challenges: from climate change to polarisation and inequality. These are key components of sustainable communities and democratic empowerment. In an interview by Patagonia, our president Dirk Vansintjan, reflects on his early days as an activist and the pathway that led him to the REScoop movement. Find out about his views on the importance and feasibility of cooperation at the local level in achieving a just and urgently needed energy transition.

Patagonia Dirk Interview012021
© Patagonia, Joppe Rog

About our collaboration with Patagonia

In 2020, REScoop.eu started working with Patagonia on a large campaign to broadly promote community energy across Europe. In line with its core vision (being in business to save the planet), Patagonia supports our network because it offers a concrete solution to the environmental crisis. Community energy stories will be regularly published on 'the cleanest line', Patagonia's blog featuring inspiring environmental stories and campaigns. In 2021, REScoop.eu continues working with Patagonia, with the release of a community energy movie as its apotheosis coming soon.