Have you heard of the European project ASSET?


ASSET - A holistic and scalable solution for research, innovation, and education in energy transition- is a Horizon 2020 project, financed under the topic LC-SC3-CC5 "Research, innovation and educational capacities for energy transition".

Ecopower cvba, board member of REScoop.eu, is one of the 11 partners established in 6 different countries taking part in this 24-month project.

The project provides a platform to create and share the knowledge and skills needed for the energy transition. By engaging the different stakeholders in the ASSET community, the project strengthens interdisciplinary collaboration and fosters research, innovation and education services to accelerate the energy transition.

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The ASSET forum is designed to bring together the key stakeholders from academia, industry, policy-making institutes and society working for energy transition and climate change. The forum will serve as a discussion platform for all these key players from diverse backgrounds giving them a chance to express their views about key issues related to the energy transition.

The intention is to facilitate and expedite the pathway towards a green energy future by creating new knowledge, competencies, and skills required for energy sustainability.

Involved stakeholders can raise their queries regarding key energy knowledge, competencies, and skills. The active members of the forum will answer those queries based upon their expertise and exposure pertinent to the relevant energy issue.

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