started working on several new EU funded projects

After summer, we started working on several EU projects on a broad range of themes. With COVID-19 still around the corner, many of these projects kicked-off with an online partner meeting. Nevertheless, we are confident and happy that we got the ball rolling in all of these new and important projects.

Below you can find an overview of our new projects.

Through REScoop VPP (Horizon 2020) is supporting the set-up a community driven virtual power plant that can actually provide flexibility services to the grid. will bring expertise to the table and is in charge of the overall communication and dissemination of the project.

Contact Roland Tual for more information.

Follow REScoop VPP on twitter: @REScoopVPP.

Project RE Scoop VPP logo

COME RES (Horizon 2020) will develop and test new business models for renewable energy cooperatives in nine European countries. will provide policy support on the implementation of the Clean Energy Package (and the provisions for renewable energy communities) and support the overall dissemination through its network of cooperatives.

Contact Stavroula Pappa for more information or visit the website.

STEPS (Interreg NWE) aims to strengthen the competitiveness of North West European innovative storage providers by deploying a user-centric, demand-driven approach to bring products closer to market through tailored testing. is showing how cooperatives can provide storage solutions and flexibility to the energy system.

Contact Stavroula Pappa for more information.

The main purpose of Citizen Led Renovation is to gather the different cooperatives with expertise on citizen led renovation and to feed policy debates centered around energy efficiency and citizen led renovation. With support from the European Climate Foundation will set-up and manage a working group amongst her members and explore synergies for citizen led renovation projects in terms of collaborations and EU funding.

Contact Stanislas d'Herbemont for more information.

In the ECF funded project Toolbox, is teaming up with Energy Cities to foster collaborations between members of REScoop and members of Energy Cities. Moreover, we are supporting Friends of the Earth Europe with the publication of a handbook on community energy and the organisation of an online training course for starters. Finally, we are making a interactive toolbox which will be integrated into our new website.

Contact Daan Creupelandt for more information.


RE/SOURCED (Urban Innovation Action) aims to set-up a microgrid (a so called energy island) in Zwevegem (Belgium). will provide expertise on how several stakeholders, including citizens, SMEs and the municipality can take ownership of the energy production facilities and successfully run an community-owned microgrid.

Contact Dirk Vansintjan for more information or visit this webpage (in Dutch).

EUCENA (EUKI) aims to accelerate the energy transition in Central-Eastern Europe by means of setting-up two Summer schools. The target countries are Germany, Albania and Greece. is in charge of the overall coordination and the communication of the project.

Contact Stanislas d'Herbemont for more information.

Agro Fossil Free (Horizon 2020) shows how farmers and agriculture can benefit from innovative business models that can help mitigate climate change and how agriculture can contribute to fossil free future. We will show how energy communities can retain more money within the local community. In this project, supports different activities in mapping relevant actors and stakeholders, overall communications and EU policy.

Contact Vaiva Indilaite for more information.

OneNET (Horizon 2020), explores how grid operators can change their operative business to accommodate for faster reactions and adaptive exploitation of flexibility. Energy communities will be an important actor in this transition towards a decentralised energy system. In OneNET, is liaising with energy infrastructure operations like DSOs and TSOs to see how cooperatives can become part of a decentralised energy system.

Contact Stavroula Pappa for more information.