In the last weeks, started working on four new European projects, focusing on citizen-led renovation, financing tools for energy communities and cooperation with local and regional governments. Thanks to these initiatives, we will produce, together with partners, a wide range of outputs that will support the development of energy communities in Europe. Below you can find an overview of our new projects.

Citizen-led renovation III

Energy efficient renovations of our building stock, as well as the transition to cheaper and clean community heating and cooling systems, are key to reach the EU’s target of reducing 55% greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. To this end,, together with its partners, will further the development and replication of community-based renovations and heating and cooling system. The project, funded by the European Climate Foundation, will last 12 months and will look at the legislative framework for community district heating and citizen-led renovation, their business models, and existing and potential funding for their development.

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We will officially kick off the project on the 15th of November with a meeting with partners and the European Climate Foundation, but we have already started our work on the project.

If you want to know more about this Citizen-led renovation III, please contact Felix Kriedemann (

LIFE LOOP - Local Ownership Of Power, together with Energy Cities and three of its members – Electra Energy (Greece), ZEZ (Croatia), Cooperativa de Energie (Romania) – has developed an innovative programme to enable local authorities and regions to achieve their sustainable energy plans and strategies by catalysing new community energy partnerships and projects in three pilot areas: Crete in Greece, Zagreb in Croatia, and Bistrita in Romania. This model will be replicated in Bulgaria, Albania, Cyprus, Italy, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.

The project, funded by the LIFE programme of the European Union, will build capacity, empowering local and regional governments, citizens and other stakeholders to work together to develop and achieve clean community energy objectives through new partnerships and projects. Moreover, LIFE LOOP will unlock and utilise existing and new sources of funding to create new community energy initiatives. The project aims to simplify and reduce regulatory hurdles for community energy development in municipalities and incentivise wider participation through the development of a ‘community energy-friendly’ training and award programme for municipalities, a resource library and match-making tools.

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We will officially kick off the project on the 6th and 7th of December in a meeting in Zagreb with the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency, but the work started a few weeks ago. We are now focused on the communication and dissemination strategy and the identification of barriers and opportunities for the development of energy communities.

You can contact Antonia Proka ( or Sara Tachelet ( to know more details about LIFE LOOP.

LIFE ACCE - Access to Capital for Community Energy

The LIFE ACCE project aims to develop and scale up collective financing tools for energy cooperatives across Europe. The main objective of this project funded by the LIFE programme of the European Union is to create community energy financing schemes in Romania, Croatia, Spain, Germany and Belgium. Moreover, the project will expand - both in scope and capital - existing financing schemes in the Netherlands and France. A European intermediary for national community energy financing schemes will be created to support the blending of private and public financing sources.

By creating these financing mechanisms, the project can trigger substantial citizen investments to advance the clean and community-led energy transition.

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Although we are already working on LIFE ACCE, we will officially kick off the project together with our partners in a meeting on the 10th of November in Brussels, Belgium.

To know more about the project contact Stanislas d’Herbemont (

LIFE OSR COOP - One Stop Renovation Co-op

The One Stop Renovation Co-op project aims to further the development and piloting of cooperative one-stop-shop (OSS) building renovation services to transform them into integrated services with a focus on deep renovation for households. An easily accessible replication toolkit and training modules will be created and disseminated throughout Europe to allow citizen energy cooperatives and communities to learn from the project and support the replication of the developed model.

In this project, funded by the LIFE programme of the European Union, joins forces with three frontrunner cooperatives members of the federation that are already deploying home renovation services - Energent (Belgium), Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative (Ireland) and Les 7 Vents (France) - and SNAP! Solutions. Together we will identify cooperative best practices in the areas of service actions, customer journey, ICT and data development, and business models. We will incorporate these best practices into financially viable cooperatively-run integrated renovation services, with a focus on deep renovation.

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We kicked off this project in Coutance, France, on the 04th of October and the cooperatives are already designing renovation programs for energy communities.

You can contact Srgjan Vidoeski ( for further information.