By Srgjan Vidoeski, project manager is actively involved in the 3-year One-Stop Renovation Coop Project, funded by the European Commission’s LIFE programme. The OSR-Coop project aims to develop cooperative one-stop-shop renovation services, with a focus on deep renovation for households. joins forces with three frontrunner cooperatives who are members of the federation and are already offering home renovation services: “Energent” from Belgium, “Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative” from Ireland, and “Les7Vents” from France .“SNAP!” is the coordinator and is in charge of communication, replication, and dissemination of the results.

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In their current CLR services, energy cooperatives actively engage and coordinate stakeholders across the entire value chain. This includes energy advisors, architects, renovation practitioners, contractors and ICT software engineers. However, the current services often limit themselves to single interventions or lack a specific target group. Additionally, they still rely heavily on public support, both financially and practically. This dependency poses challenges to scaling up and sustaining the impact of CLR initiatives.

A one stop shop model for citizen-led renovation

Through the OSR-Coop project, energy cooperatives and their partners identify best practices in service actions, customer journey, ICT tools, data development, and business models. The goal is to establish a financially viable and cooperatively-run one-stop shop model that can be replicated throughout Europe. Once this model is developed and implemented, will be able to leverage its European-wide network of energy cooperatives to replicate these services effectively. By providing organisational capacity and support, can empower its members to offer integrated renovation solutions to their communities.

The members of the CLR working group are eagerly awaiting regular updates on the project’s progress and its further developments and results. They are excited about the potential for replication and hope to see a growing number of cooperatives willing to embrace the CLR one-stop shop concept.

OSR coop project meeting
OSR-Coop Project Meeting

A collective vision for a sustainable future

The enthusiasm was evident during the CLR workshop at the Spring Gathering in Athens, where representatives from energy cooperatives, including partners in the OSR-Coop project, shared their case studies and engaged in meaningful discussions. The workshop reinforced the importance of establishing a better legal framework and raising awareness about the significance of CLR for local energy transitions.

Osr spring gathering
Discussing the OSR-Coop Project, CLR Workshop in Athens