If you've been wondering what REScoop.eu was up to last year, wonder no more! In our 2022 annual report, you'll get an overview of the projects we've been working on, new projects that started this year and our financial report.

2022 has marked another challenging year. The terrible plight resulting from the Russian aggression has devastated Ukrainian people, whilst the rest of us have been impacted by the energy crisis and its economic consequences.
Many households and small businesses could no longer afford the skyrocketing energy prices and energy poverty has become a reality for many Europeans. Governments finally acted, delivering subsidies, VAT reductions, a price cap on gas and excessive profits and a revision of the Electricity Market Directive. In the midst of all of this, REScoop.eu’s advocacy team and policy working group managed to keep the attention of EU policy makers on energy cooperatives and citizens.

In our annual report, you'll find a detailed overview of our 2022 advocacy activities, including our participation in the Global Climate Change Conference in Egypt and our work on energy poverty.

We're also excited to share updates on the various European projects we're working on, as well as the launch of our new Platform. And last but not least, we've included a short overview of our funders, the REScoop.eu team and the members that joined us last year!

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