2019 was an important year for REScoop.eu: we helped ensure that the European Union transposed the Clean Energy Package into a set of directives for the Member States - 2020 will be the year when we make sure the Member States governments actually deliver what they have undertaken to do.

Our membership and services have grown, and we are working to become more financially independent. Our board has overseen our 2019 spending plans and we have developed a sustainable budget for the next two years. We have delivered European Horizon 2020 and Interreg projects on time and within budget.

We further completed the REScoop MECISE Horizon 2020 project. This included sharing best practices in community energy and, crucially, establishing REScoop MECISE SCE as a mutual funding vehicle - which we anticipate - will deliver more citizen owned renewable energy projects.

Finally, we have strengthened our member communications. We have produced regular updates explaining how EU policies may impact citizens, as well as drawing together best practices around our continent. We’ve run advice and seminars - some on-line, allowing more people to participate in our work. Finally we have a new visual identity and a new logo reflecting our growth and growing membership.

Download our annual report here