2020 was an extraordinary year for REScoop.eu, as it was for all of us around the world.

COVID-19 has changed completely the way we live and work, probably on a permanent basis. The pandemic seems to be linked to Climate Change and the ever-increasing impact of human activity on nature. But even in the darkest hour, people stand up and work together for a better future, where no-one is left behind.

Our membership has kept growing: today the federation represents directly or indirectly 1.900 REScoops and about 1.25 million citizens. At the beginning of 2020 the board of REScoop.eu was facing a seemingly inevitable downsizing of the federation and the number of people employed, but the tide turned, and now instead of eight people, we employ 13 and you will hopefully notice the difference the coming years. We worked on 16 European projects in 2020, we started a new one at the beginning of 2021, and we have two upcoming ones that will start in the next months.

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In terms of advocacy: our working group and the Community Power Coalition in Brussels have worked together to ensure the transposition of the Clean Energy for All Europeans directives is delivered in as many member states as possible. Proper transposition remains an issue of great concern to all of you.

Although the team has been working from home since mid March 2020, we managed to participate in even more events - representing your voice. And we will continue to make sure citizens’ views are heard. Our federation is now accredited to participate in the COP climate summits. This year we plan to co-organise a side event with the UK federations at the COP26 in Glasgow.