In June 2024, European elections will be organised in all Member States. This manifesto is directed at MEPs and their political parties.

In this manifesto, REScoop.eu puts forward 10 policy priorities to enable Europe to shift towards a clean, carbon-free and democratic energy system that benefits all citizens.

REScoop.eu promotes a cooperative and decentralised approach to the energy transition, one that gives the means to citizens to produce, distribute and consume their own sustainable energy and to invest together in renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, shared e-mobility, flexibility, etc.


We are ready and looking forward to cooperate on the design and implementation of measures for a more sustainable and democratic energy market that values citizen and community involvement.

REScoop.eu openly asks all candidates to approach us to discuss and engage in working together towards pursuing these goals.

Endorse our manifesto

Are you an MEP candidate running for the EU elections? Do you believe that energy communities, with their inherent focus on democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity, are instrumental in addressing contemporary challenges and achieving sustainable and inclusive development in the energy sector?

If your answer to these questions is 'yes,' you can sign our manifesto and become an "Energy Communities Supporter'.

After review, your name and party will be published on this page.

List of supporters

Dirk Vansintjan, Belgium, Greens/EFA
Rosa D'Amato, Italy, Greens/EFA
Lefteris Ioannidis, Greece, Greens/EFA
Saskia Bricmont, Belgium, Greens/EFA
Petros Kokkalis, Greece Greens/EFA
Benedek Jávor Párbeszéd-Zöldek, Hungary, Dialogue-Greens
Δημήτρης Λιόλιος Greece, Greens/EFA
Bert Kindermans, Belgium, Greens/EFA
Meyrem Almaci, Belgium, Greens/EFA
Elke Tweepenninckx, Belgium, Greens/EFA
Magda Aelvoet, Belgium, Greens/EFA
Karen Maes, Belgium, Greens/EFA
Jan Steurs, Belgium, Greens/EFA
Michiel Hubeau, Belgium, Greens/EFA
Jet Winterink, Belgium, Greens/EFA
Sara Matthieu, Belgium, Greens/EFA
Rosa D'Amato, Italy, Greens/EFA
Caroline Roose, France, Greens/EFA
Thomas Jans, Belgium, Greens/EFA
Chloé Ridel Parti socialiste France, Parti socialiste
Josep (Pep) Puig i Boix, Spain, Alternativa Verda
Marie Toussaint, France, Greens/EFA

A cooperative vision

REScoop.eu's manifesto is aligned with the manifesto of Cooperatives Europe and its Sectorial Members. This manifesto named 'Our cooperative blueprint for Europe”, outlines the European cooperative movement’s shared vision for Europe.