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Community Energy Colchester

Community Energy Colchester is a small British cooperative from the county of Essex that was born out of a climate change non-profit organization active since 2000. Based on the ideas of support, empowerment, and progress, the cooperative members aim to help Colchester move towards a net zero and build a better tomorrow.

Their activities focus on energy saving and energy efficiency advice, the promotion of sustainable transport, and small hydropower projects. More specifically, their main activities for this year are the following:

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  • A hiring system for bikes and e-bikes. They currently have a small fleet of electric bikes and a larger fleet of family cycles, bike racks and trailers that can be rented.
  • Last mile delivery service. It is a project to offer businesses a last mile delivery service (whether it is for boxes or bikes) using cycles.
  • Domestic energy assessment. They offer 2-hour energy assessments of buildings to help people optimise their energy usage, save money on their fuel bills, and reduce their carbon footprint. From this summer, they will also be able to issue energy performance certificates.
  • Electric vehicle charging points. The cooperative is working to increase the number of charging points in public spaces across Colchester, because the current points are few and far between. The aim is to site charging points in every town and village around Colchester.

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