is delighted to welcome a new member to her network. We strongly believe that by growing our network, we make sure the voices of citizens and their communities are better heard in the energy sector.

Energeiakh Koinothta Karditsas Synpe (ESEK)

Energeiakh Koinothta Karditsas Synpe (ESEK) is an energy community founded in 2010 in Karditsa, Greece. Today, ESEK has 383 members consisting of citizens (90%) and municipalities, SMEs and associations (10%). ESEK operates a biomass plant for the production of solid biofuels (1200 tons per year) to generate energy for heating purposes. With this activity, ESEK was the first organised effort in Greece for the exploitation of biomass and especially of agro-biomass.

By applying practical solutions, ESEK wants to contribute to energy self-sufficiency at the local level and to the restructuring of the primary sector in Greece, which is in crisis and can find a new strategic direction with biomass.

Since November 2020, ESEK participates as a pilot, in the Horizon 2020 European project BECoop.