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HET Coöperatie

HET Coöperatie is a Dutch energy cooperative from Hilversum that works on renewable energy production, electric car sharing, and energy saving. They aim to involve all local actors (municipality, civil society, businesses, education institutions, and citizens) in the energy transition to achieve an energy neutral city by 2035.

In the area of energy saving they offer free energy coaching to all citizens of Hilversum. Thanks to this, people can make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable. Moreover, they provide heat scans to detect energy leaks in houses, they organise energy evenings in which they gather neighbours to compare their energy usage and help each other in implementing energy saving measures, and they organize collective purchases of insulation works and materials to make them more affordable.

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Through their car sharing service, set up with platform of the European cooperative The Mobility Factory, they offer citizens a small fleet of electric cars that can be used with different subscription options.

Their renewable energy production activities offer businesses and residential buildings the opportunity of installing solar panels in their roofs without having to invest time or money. The work is done by HET Coöperatie and once it is completed, the owner of the building receives a percentage of the benefits and the rest goes for the cooperative.

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